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Science is Vital rally, October 2015

As part of the Science: As Vital as Ever rally, organised by Science is Vital to make the case for science funding in the run-up to the UK government’s 2015 Spending Review, Andrew gave a six-minute summary of science spending. Check it out above (it starts around the seven-minute mark), and watch watch the whole evening at!

TEDxHull, April 2013

On April 23rd 2013, Andrew spoke about the Scienceogram at TEDxHull. The theme of the day was ‘And why not?’, so we proposed spending more on science. Why not, indeed?

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  1. Gavin Heathcote

    I agree completely, around 2% of the world GDP spent is spent on science and is disgustingly low. The problem is people have a irrational positive bias when they are healthy and things are going well.

    My worry is asking politicians and the person in the street for more money is going to be an uphill battle.

    Maybe adding that extra money is made by science to the discussion would help strengthen the argument, since better science understanding makes the economic pie bigger.

    What about some sort of scientist co-operative business model. Imagine what you could invest in if you had the profits of Apple for example. Maybe scientists should combine business thinking to their science to produce the funding.

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