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The Scienceogram launches!

Welcome to, and our new blog!

The Scienceogram is about trying to convince people, from the public to politicians, that more spending on science makes sense. The main aim of this website is to show people just how little we’re currently spending on science compared to the size of the problems it’s trying to tackle. Please tell all your friends by e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, getting a tattoo etc.

Also, you can subscribe to this blog, sign-up to our mailing list, and find other ways to engage on the get involved page, which will be updated as events (and ideas) occur.

Meanwhile, this blog will be looking at science spending in the news, what’s new with the Scienceogram, interesting bits of information we’ve found whilst researching it, and so on. If you’ve got any suggestions of stuff you’d like us to cover, do get in touch.

So, welcome once again to the Scienceogram: take a look around and tell us what you think.

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  1. Mark

    I regularly despair when I read in the newspapers yet another government debacle that has wasted millions in tax payers money with no apparent consequence for those in charge – yet when it comes to science there never seems to be any spare money available from the pot. I really hope your campaign has an impact because I agree we don’t spend enough on science (though I am a scientist) – but it is depressing seeing good scientists finally giving up after years and going off to do something else due to lack of jobs for them.

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