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Tell Them Science is Vital

Today marks the start of British Science Week and, hot on the heels of the release of new figures showing the UK at the bottom of the G8 for government-funded research, campaign group Science is Vital are launching a new campaign, Tell Them Science is Vital.

They are asking supporters of science to contact their local MP and parliamentary candidates during British Science Week, to let them know how important science is to them and the community. Visit to spread the word and get involved!

Scienceogram has been helping out producing some graphics for the campaign, which you can find below. Feel free to share them on social media, send them to your friends or colleagues, or take them to show your MP!

Factsheet and poster

Scienceogram has produced a two-side summary of UK science funding to send to or show your MPs and candidates, and a poster (in colour and greyscale) to advertise this campaign for you to put up in your workplace or elsewhere. You can download the PDFs below.

Science is Vital Funding Factsheet 2015

Spread the word

Please help us get the word out about this campaign on both social media (the hashtag is #tellthemSiV) and through your workplace, patient groups or any other network of science supporters. Let’s get the word out to as many MPs and candidates as possible!

We’ve created some graphics specifically for social media which you might like to use:

Tell Them Science is Vital infographic: research funding as a percentage of GDP Tell Them Science is Vital infographic: UK Science Budget
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